3 Tips for Reflecting and Goal Setting

We’ve just come out of the most epic plot twist of a year. Truly, I often referred to 2020 as a movie in which I couldn’t believe we were starring. And now it seems the sequel is ramping up! It’s not magically better. We’re still dealing with the same issues.

It’s been hard to enjoy the successes of 2020, much less begin to prepare for 2021.

And I’m here to remind you, that’s okay.

Last year’s resolutions may have fizzled out (well before Covid hit), but that doesn’t have to be the case this year! In fact, to hell with…

The Podcast Recap

Cat Collier Martinez

Episode 5 (Click to listen to the episode)

Today’s guest is an artist, illustrator and collaborative designer. Her additive process, unique collections (of which we didn’t even touch on in this convo.) and beautifully curated spaces are all evidence of a life exuding creativity. Introducing Cat Collier Martinez—a friend and former AIGA Chattanooga colleague who re-inspired me this month.

What seems like a decade ago, I met Cat and her husband Nano through an AIGA internship. …

The Podcast Recap

Christina Owens

Episode 4 (Click to listen to the episode)

Today’s episode features a friend I’ve known since 1st grade! She is an almost architect (working towards getting her official license), who works at Dwell Design Studio in Atlanta, GA as a Design staff IIII. We discuss the ins and outs of buildings, her illustration talents, what it’s like being a female in the architecture industry, and her Show & Tell piece!

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We start out the conversation catching up on those license tests, a little more insight into her role at Dwell, and about her experience in the program at the University…

Keir DuBois

Episode 3 (Click to listen to the episode)

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My guest is a former AIGA colleague and friend Keir DuBois, owner of Tight Ship Design and Keirtography. I met Keir at my first AIGA Leadership Retreat in Raleigh, NC.

We’ve kept up over the years via social media, but earlier this year I was really looking to reconnect with people. (Check out my post on 2020 goals.) I actually reference him as being the person I spoke with when I realized I wanted to record our conversations to share with others.

We discuss cycling as a way to cleanse your brain…

Part of the Chronicles of Creating Series

Art is life.

A phrase I used all the time to seem more authentic as an art kid. A feel good statement full of optimism and hope for making a living by making art.

Over the years, thankfully, my overuse of the expression dwindled. It was only until this summer when the phrase resurfaced for me. I was reading an interview between Debbie Millman and Stefan Sagmeister. Debbie opens up by describing Stefan as having “…the unique ability to turn life into art.”

That seemed more sophisticated.

I look back on my teenage expression “art is life” and see it…

The Podcast Recap

Erika Roberts

Episode 2 (Click to listen to the episode)

Welcome back! On todays’ episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Erika Roberts, Chattanooga poet and creative strategist. Some of you guys may know her on Instagram or Facebook as Velvet Poetry.

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Her work is everywhere. Recently you may have seen the Happy 423 Day video , her recent blog posts featured on the Glass House Collective website, or her collaboration with Summer Dregs called The Rhythm of Life which was part of a larger collaboration — ThroughGlass.org.

I first met Erika at one of her events called Poetry…

Part of the Chronicles of Creating Series

When March 2020 gifted us a stay at home order quarantine there were two camps of people– the “What-Do-I-Do-With-My-Free-Time”-ers and the “Holy-Cow-I-Actually-Have-Free-Time”-ers. I fell into both categories. 🤷‍♀️

I easily adapted to staying inside, but at first I didn’t know what I should be doing. I was so used to turning down plans if I wanted to stay in on a weekend to play around in my studio. But plans had been declined for me. This was rare.

How should I spend my time?

While contemplating that question, my faithful yet annoying babysitter, Instagram, kept my eyes glazed over in…

Talk about a historical year!

January and February were such a tease for the reality to come.

During the second week of the year I found myself sitting poolside in Miami reflecting on 2019, writing my goals for 2020, prepping for a business expo, and finalizing a client project before closing the laptop in preparation to embark on my first-ever cruise.

I was stoked for 2020!

Then six weeks later I had totally forgotten about my goals as I found myself glued to the news trying to make sense of it all.

It’s been rough for so many people.


Daniel Skolfield

Episode 1 (Click to listen to the episode)

On this very first episode, I share with you a conversation featuring Daniel Skolfield, Creative Director at Lodge Cast Iron. I think Daniel was the first person to ever professionally critique my portfolio and definitely my first design mentor. Over the years we’ve become really good friends who normally would be catching up over cocktails every few weeks. (Pandemics, ammirite?!)

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During our virtual conversation we chat about how his childhood peers, like Tad and Garrett, shaped his interests growing up, the importance of personal creative projects, and the mind shift of creativity…

👋 HEY there! How have you been? Seriously!

The last several months have been historical in so many ways and at times, an uphill battle with emotions, information fatigue, and creative slumps.

If you’re anything like me, you started the year full of excitement, new goals, and a desire to learn. Then the world shut down and my business, which was supposed to be running into its third year, pretty much slowed to a crawl. I suddenly had a lot of free time to pause and reflect.

As a designer, I wasn’t sure how to stay relevant. …

Taylor Kinser

I am the founder and owner of Taylor Kinser Design. I happily nerd out at the intersection of design principles, creativity, and strategy.

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